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ISO Program

BECOME A PARTNER and Fund Your Customers with United Fundings

Business Financing For Your Customers.
Greater Opportunities For You.

ISOs and Brokers partner with United Fundings because we have a track record of responsibly and securely dealing with our partners and their referrals.  We treat our partners like family and operate with unparalleled transparency in your client’s quest for funding. Our Partners and their referrals are never just another account number in our database. We take a human-based approach to every referral opportunity and will do everything we possibly can to provide ample funding to your network of clients quickly.

How United Fundings Supports Its Business Partners

Abundant access to working capital is something your business needs for success, regardless of who your clients are. Partnering with United Fundings will unlock unlimited financing options and funding opportunities for your customers. This will result in limitless commissions and unparalleled revenue for you.

Competitive Commissions Structure

Our programs are not just great for your customers, we also provide you with the highest industry commissions for providing a valuable service to them.

Wide Range Of Funding Levels

We can fund micro deals to very large deals between $5,000 – $1,000,000

Higher Approval Rates

Once you get to know our box, your referral approval rate should be > 90%

Fast & Flexible Funding

We support Small Business owners by providing funding with a quick turnaround, flexible solutions, and greater service to a diverse range of industries.

Why Partner with United Fundings?

What Does United Fundings Do?

We make hard to get funding for small and medium-sized businesses easy. We deliver them working capital using revenue-based models that do not require collateral.   Our resourceful underwriting team is able to customize funding solutions for business owners regardless of their Personal or Business Credit Score or Time in business.

Our Customer service is unmatched. We are known to serve and support our partners and their referrals on the weekends and as late as 10 PM during the week. Because of this great customer service, overqualified customers with great credit and of large size still choose us over Traditional Banks.

At the end of the day, United Fundings funds all types of businesses with crucial cash, and we do it fast.

We’re a more efficient alternative funding solution to a conventional source of funding.

What Makes United Fundings a Great Partner?

We are a boutique funder…
this means that we’re small enough to know the names of all of our customers, partners, ISOs and brokers,  but big enough to handle customized funding solutions for up to $1,000,000.

We are able to customize every transaction, every deal, every package that we put together to fund the customers of our partners. This enables the partners to win more deals, right?

We’re not a machine-run organization. While we have an algorithm and approval scores and different criteria to decide who we fund, we also customize each deal and have real people looking at each deal directly on our end. With this approach, if there is an opportunity and room to do it, we provide funding, we don’t miss it.

A lot of other companies rely on artificial intelligence, machine learning, Excel sheets, algorithms, and such, and if an applicant doesn’t meet the criteria, the technology automatically denies them, causing your customers to be denied the funding they need.

Yes, we have a little bit of tech involved, but we also have a large human aspect to look at every single deal and work especially hard to get each business the funding needed to operate effectively. We pride ourselves on our human-based approach to funding. Give us a try and let us show you how great of a partner we can be to get your customers the money they need, now.

How Does It Work?

Partner identifies business owner that needs capital.

Partner delivers a one-page credit application with the last 3 bank statements to United Fundings.

United Fundings reviews and approves the application and sends contracts to customers.

Customer signs contract and receives funding within 24 hours.

Partner Receives a commission on the deal within 3 days.

United Fundings Partner Application

ISO Program